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This section describes the installation and configuration of the License Statistics Agent add-on tool. Also see Reviewing and managing License Statistics Agents for information on viewing a report of all agents in use.


Configuration settings are described in the table below.

Configuration settingRequiredDescription
License Statistics URLYes

The License Statistics URL is an endpoint to the License Statistics license server that License Statistics Agent will communicate with.

The Agent will connect to the server and receive all necessary configuration information silently.

Agent API TokenYes

The Agent API Token is an authorization token, which License Statistics administrators can generate as described in API access.

FlagsNoFlags define custom options for Agent execution and should not be used unless instructed to do so by X-Formation Support.
Agent ModeYes

The Agent Mode can be changed at any time, but the Agent can operate in only one mode at a time.

Optional Harvesting ToolsNoInstalls or reinstalls Optional Harvesting Tools, which is required for using the Suspend harvesting release method. Applies to End User Agent Mode only.


After changing the Agent configuration, the Agent must be restarted to begin using the modified configuration.