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Issue #Description
Update libraries
LICSTAT-15248Upgraded Apache to 2v2.4.38.

Upgraded OpenSSL to:

  • 1.1.0j for Windows
  • 1.1.1 for Linux
LICSTAT-14868Upgraded Java to 11v11.0.2.

Upgraded PHP to 7v7.2.11.

LICSTAT-14866Upgraded MySQL to v5.7.24.
Remove deprecated tools
LICSTAT-15172Dropped support for Config Path.
LICSTAT-15012Dropped support for Usage Client.
API enhancements
LICSTAT-12387Added API endpoint to get user details.
LICSTAT-12381Added API endpoints for operations on License Statistics users.
LICSTAT-12380 LICSTAT-12371 LICSTAT-12369Extended API endpoints for operations on license servers.
LICSTAT-12365Extended API endpoints for operations on features.
Additional enhancements
LICSTAT-15076Updated copyright to 2019.
LICSTAT-15047Improved capabilities for merging License Servers by allowing Realtime Denials to be enabled on the destination server.
LICSTAT-15006Extended log with hostname, license server name, and license server ID while querying.
LICSTAT-14971Extended content for "license users exceeded" notifications.
LICSTAT-14813Improved application startup performance.