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License Statistics v5.12 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-13607Embedded Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x64) into the License Statistics installer.
LICSTAT-13530Upgraded JRE to version 1.8.0-162.
LICSTAT-13489Upgraded LM-X to version 4.9.2.

Upgraded Apache to version 2.4.29 together with related libraries (PHP to 5.6.34, OpenSSL to 1.0.2n).

Added ability to customize Apache configuration.

LICSTAT-13370Added support of token licensing for MSC MSCONE feature for FlexNet license server.
LICSTAT-13353Discontinued Salesforce monitoring.
LICSTAT-13148Renamed "Current Usage Above 24 Hours" report to "Current Usage By Time Range" for both GUI and API.
LICSTAT-12370Introduced JAVA API endpoints for managing License Server Groups and Host Groups.
LICSTAT-10686Added ability to add imported license servers using the Imported License Servers grid.


License Statistics v5.12 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-13544Fixed incorrect display for unlimited licenses on Feature Usage graph.
LICSTAT-13521Fixed an issue with "untrusted" License Statistics process reported by security scanner.
LICSTAT-13498Fixed an issue with expiring API token.
LICSTAT-13492Fixed "unknown exception" occurring for some custom SQL queries in SQL Console.
LICSTAT-13488Fixed an issue with long values imported from LDAP.
LICSTAT-13485Fixed an issue with LDAP over SSL failing on RHEL 7.4.
LICSTAT-13447Fixed inability to validate long user name on the Administration page's User Management tab.
LICSTAT-13432Fixed format for "Date" cells on XLSX reports.
LICSTAT-13393Fixed missing parser error when importing RLM log containing denials.
LICSTAT-13386Fixed an issue with GUI Preferences not saving selected comparison.
LICSTAT-13371Fixed duplication of jar files in Linux installer.
LICSTAT-13369Fixed inability of FlexNet parser to read expiration date of permanent license.
LICSTAT-13240Fixed broken "drag-and-drop" functionality on grid-to-grid views.
LICSTAT-13090Fixed feature type being ignored when listing the same features for license server groups in GUI.
LICSTAT-13008Fixed an issue with saving GUI preferences on Usage History Comparison grid on the Dashboard.
LICSTAT-10788Fixed an issue with saving GUI preferences on the License Server page's Usage History report.