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Issue #Description
LICSTAT-13331Fixed an issue with API Access token form not setting it's initial state properly.
LICSTAT-13220Fixed an issue with migration v.89 failing in some cases due to duplicate entry error.
LICSTAT-13200Fixed an issue with showing sessions at time point in User History.
LICSTAT-13164Fixed an issue with Delete User button being available for all users on the grid.
LICSTAT-13113Fixed an issue with inconsistent Hours Used value on Feature Usage History report.
LICSTAT-13110Fixed an issue with parsing checkout time for FlexNet license server.
LICSTAT-13098Fixed an issue with exporting Query Results on SQL Console when column name contains parentheses.
LICSTAT-13082Fixed an issue with parsing denials from debug log for FlexNet license server.
LICSTAT-13081Fixed an issue with improperly displayed columns on Imported License Servers grid.
LICSTAT-13076Fixed an issue with Uptime chart not showing status lines.
LICSTAT-13073Fixed an issue with missing window scrolling for smaller screens.
LICSTAT-13065Fixed an issue with bad formatting of Shared On field.
LICSTAT-13063Fixed an issue with failure while removing License Server.
LICSTAT-13058Fixed an issue with timeouts on large data sets.
LICSTAT-13051Fixed an issue with missing License Type in footer on some pages.
LICSTAT-13042Fixed an issue with handling reservation logs for FlexNet license server.
LICSTAT-13036Fixed an issue with failing Feature Usage History report for license server groups.
LICSTAT-13033Fixed an issue with failing Uptime report while getting details about event on chart.
LICSTAT-13020Fixed an issue with lack of CR symbol in exported CSV files.
LICSTAT-12980Fixed an issue with parsing XML files encoded with UTF-8 with BOM.
LICSTAT-12919Fixed an issue with Realtime Users Count performance.
LICSTAT-12874Fixed an issue with failing parser on changed column order for FlexNet license server.