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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.8 9 and newer, which added the changed color-coding for last update time and feature reservations information, and added ability to sort grid results by multiple columnslicense managers by type. If you are using a version previous to v6.89, see documentation for previous versions.

License Statistics UI pages are intuitive to work with and include many features that help you quickly find and view the information most important to you, including the following features.


For example, the Utilization column's percentages includes color-coding:

Color-coding is also used to indicate the minutes elapsed for license server "last update time" and feature reservations "last active" information:

Minutes elapsed since last update timeColor indicator
0 - 10


10 - 20Orange
20 or moreRed

Sorting and filtering grid content


  • Sorting and filtering controls are accessible by hovering over the column heading and then clicking on the arrow that appears at the right side of the column heading. 

    A drop-down menu gives you the following options:

    • Sort in ascending/descending order (see "Sorting" below for more information)
    • Hide/show columns (select the Columns option, then toggle the list of columns on/off). Some columns are hidden by default, as described below.
    • Limit the grid contents (select Filters and then select the available options, or enter text for text fields)
  • The filters you apply and the number of rows you select to display in the grid will also be used when downloading the data to a file. For some pages, these settings are also used in the graph content.
  • Use the settings at the bottom of the grid to select pages and control the number of rows to display per page (20 - 1000).
  • For license managers, you can filter by type:
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When sorting by columns: