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Name The name for the license server that will be displayed in License Statistics. This can be any descriptive, unique name that helps you identify the license server in License Statistics pages.

Check this box to enable monitoring for the license server. When this box is not checked, monitoring for the license server is disabled. The license server will appear in License Statistics pages as "Down."

Only enabled license servers are counted in the number of license servers you can monitor according to your License Statistics license agreement. You can add any number of disabled license servers. If you have reached your limit of license servers you can monitor, you can disable any license servers that you do not need to monitor and enable the license servers you do need to monitor.

License Manager Type

The type of license manager you are using for the license server. This selection list includes all supported license managers.

If you select Custom as the license manager type, you must specify the path to your custom XML file (see Supporting a custom license server for information on adding a custom license server) in the Hostname field.

Query Tool Path

The path to the license manager's query tool defaults to license_statistics_installation_directory/query_tool_default_name, where the query tool default name is specific to the license manager being used, as follows:

  • BETA LM: beta_lm_stat 
  • Dassault: DSLicSrv 
  • FlexNet: lmutil
  • GNS: licstat
  • IBM LUM: i4blt 
  • LICMAN: licman20_appl 
  • LM-X: lmxendutil
  • LS-Dyna: lstc_qrun
  • MathLM: monitorlm 
  • RLM: rlmutil 
  • Sentinel RMS: lsmon

Edit the path if needed and make sure the query tool is in the specified path. 

Query Tool Path is not applicable when using the Custom license manager type.

Vendor daemon name

The vendor daemon name for the license server. This entry cannot contain spaces or special characters, except underscores, hyphens and periods. 

Applicable only for FlexNet and RLM license manager types.  

FlexNet license servers are configured with case-sensitive names by default, so make sure the vendor name uses the correct case when configuring a FlexNet license server.

An error in the vendor name may cause problems with License Statistics usage monitoring. See "Failure to find licenses for FlexNet license server" in License FLEXlm and FlexNet license server issues for more information.


The license server hostname. This entry cannot contain spaces or special characters, except underscores, hyphens and periods.

Hostname is not applicable when using the LICMAN license manager type.

When using the Custom license manager type, you must specify the path to your custom XML file in this field.

Port Number

The license server port number, which may have a default setting depending on the license manager selected, as follows.

  • LM-X: 6200
  • RLM: 5053
  • Dassault: 4084
  • GNS: 7200

Port is not applicable when using the IBM LUM, LICMAN, Sentinel RMS, MathLM, and Custom license manager types.


Check this box to specify that redundant servers are being used (for example, in LM-X you would check Redundant if you are using HAL). When Redundant is checked, you must enter the hostname and port number for all three servers.

Applicable only for LM-X, FlexNet, BetaLM, IBM LUM and GNS license manager types.