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The Custom Applications feature is available only with the new licensing model - Licensing Model 2019.

The Custom Applications feature lets you configure applications to be monitored by License Statistics Agents, as described in Setting up Custom Applications


You can optionally enable License Harvesting for the applications you want to monitor when setting up Custom Applications. See License Harvesting for more information.

Session Tracking

License Statistics handles session tracking for Custom Application monitoring as described below.

  • Single processes are identified using a process ID (PID)
  • If there is no process for a monitored application, then no session is reported for Custom Application monitoring
  • If there is a single process instance on the host for a monitored application, a single session with a single license used will be reported for Custom Application monitoring, as shown in the following illustration:

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  • If there are multiple process instances (with different PIDs), multiple sessions will be reported for Custom Application monitoring, with each using a single license, as shown in the following illustration: 

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