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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.14 and newer, which reorganized and renamed reports. If you are using a version previous to v6.14, see Removed Features. Also note that for a limited time, the legacy menu structure in the License Statistics UI will be retained, so if you cannot locate what you're looking for with the new menu structure, you can try locating it using the old structure.

A new licensing model was introduced with License Statistics v6.0 to simplify the licensing rules. The new licensing model is not supported by License Statistics versions older than v6.0.

The new licensing model is now the default for License Statistics v6.0 and newer, and the old licensing model is deprecated as of v6.0. However, the old licensing model will continue to work with all License Statistics versions, including v5.x and v6.x, according to the rules described in the License Transition section.

Beginning with License Statistics v6.2, some new features are available for use only with the new licensing model, as described in the following table.

FeatureIntroduced in version #
License Managers

EPLAN License Manager




Dassault (restricted mode password supported)6.5
EPLAN License Manager Bundles6.6
Autodesk Reservations6.8
Autodesk Feature Collections6.11
Zoo License Manager6.11
CodeMeter Network License Server6.12
Custom Application management6.13
User reports

Current Usage in Realtime - Sessions report 


Usage History report 


Denials report

Reservations report6.5
Usage Calendar chart on Features - History - Sessions report6.9
Session History chart on Features - History - Sessions report6.10
Feature reports
Realtime - Reservations report6.5
License Servers Usage report6.5
License Servers Usage chart6.6
Agents administration page6.8
Application Events 6.10
Data Anonymization6.13
List all users and hosts on License Details page6.14
User interface

Custom branding

License Statistics Agent
License Statistics Agent6.7
License Statistics Agent Manager 6.8
Agent Groups6.9
License Harvesting6.9
Remote session closing for License Harvesting6.10


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