The attached core.jar file may not be compatible with older versions of License Statistics, so please use it only if you already have the latest release and you cannot wait for the next official release to obtain a particular fix.

Although we make every effort to ensure License Statistics works out of the box with all supported license servers, there are occasional issues. This page provides you with fixes to License Statistics ahead of our regular release schedule. If you experience problems with our application, try downloading the attached core file (core.jar) shipped with the latest release of License Statistics.

Using the new core file with License Statistics

Before updating License Statistics with the attached core file:

  1. Stop License Statistics. (See Starting and stopping License Statistics on Windows or Starting and stopping License Statistics on Linux.)
  2. Make a backup of the existing file:

  3. Replace the old file with the one you're downloading from this page.
  4. Restart License Statistics.

If you still experience problems after downloading the latest file from this page, please report this issue to our support.

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