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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.13 and newer, which introduced Custom Application monitoring, and now offers License Harvesting as an optional add-on to Custom Application monitoring.

The Custom Applications feature is available only with the new licensing model - 2019.

The Custom Applications feature lets you configure applications to be monitored by License Statistics Agents, as described in Setting up Custom Applications

After configuring a custom application for monitoring:

  • All Agents that belong to the assigned Agent Groups will start monitoring the application with the specified executable name.
  • When a user starts the configured application on any end-user host, the assigned Agents will start gathering information about its usage (time, duration, number of instances, username, host, etc.).
  • All of the collected data is periodically sent to the License Statistics server. 
  • Upon the first report delivery, the license server retrieves the vendor name and a feature with the name of the application is created.
  • Subsequently, reports will include standard statistics about the application usage, such as sessions, usage statistics, users, hosts, and number of licenses consumed (number of application instances opened).

Currently, each application requires one License Server to be used. A single Agent can monitor multiple applications.

License Harvesting

You can optionally enable License Harvesting for the applications you want to monitor when setting up Custom Application. See License Harvesting for more information.

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