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You can automate License Statistics user account creation using the user accounts you already have defined in an LDAP directory.

Enabling automatic account creation using LDAP eliminates the potentially time-consuming task of adding users manually in License Statistics. With the LDAP option enabled, users simply log into License Statistics using their username and password that is stored in Active Directory.

To use automatic account creation:

  1. Provide the information needed to connect to your LDAP server, as described in Connecting to an LDAP server.
  2. Select the "Enable automatic account creation using LDAP" option at the top of the User Management page, then click Save.

If you turn the LDAP account creation option off, and you have turned on the users who have already logged into License Statistics using their Active Directory user will retain the ability to use their login. However, no new login attempts using LDAP user accounts will be possible.

If you have enabled LDAP, when you create users you can check the Authenticate through LDAP option for user authentication (see Creating a new user in Managing License Statistics users).

Important: If you subsequently disable LDAP, the user logins will fail.